Sunday, 8 October 2017

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (Splitsvilla X) Episode 12 Full Hd Download | 8th October 2017 |

By Kapil Gidwani

MTV Splitsvilla X ( Splitsvilla 10) Full Episode 12 HD Download

Its time to showcase the talent by are three ideal couple that they are perfect and are compitable by the contestants of splitsvilla 10. As we saw in last episode that there was one more ideal match found that was priyank and nibi but also there was a sad news that nachiket got eliminated but he also took his ideal match which was anmol. Today its time to get waked up and compete today three ideal matches will compete against each other in a task where they will be tied to each other and perform the task so just dint miss today episode Here is Full Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X (Splitsvilla 10) episode 12 8th October 2017. Download Full Hd Video on Official Voot Website.

There be lots of fights between stefiee and divya today where they gave so many bad words to each other and divya was just comming to hit her where priyank says i have never seen such a bad girl in my life like stefiee.

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MTV Splitsvila 10 (X) Full Episode 12 Written Updates ( 8th October 2017)

In today episode you will see there will be task for our three ideal matches.
Ideal matches will be performing task where three boys will be tied with a rope and they have to crawl towards their side and complete the puzzle.
But before the task there will be huge fight between Divya and Stefiee where they just going to hit each other if priyank would have not come in middle.
The couple who will loose in today task will be finnaly going to be dumped.

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (Splitsvilla X) Episode 12 8th October 2017 Full HD Full Episode Download Voot

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MTV Splitsvilla 10 Full Episode 12 Downlaod

Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 12 8th October 2017 Download Tasks Video

Splitsvilla 10 Episode 12 Watch Online

Here is MTV Splitsvilla X (Splitsvilla10) Full Episode 12 Video Sneak Peeks of 8th October 2017. Download full Hd Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X (Splitsvilla10) on Official Voot website


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