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MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 8 Full Hd Download | 10th September 2017 |

By Kapil Gidwani

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (X) Full Episode 8 HD Download

Its time for new Experiment to be performed called "Ring a Ding Dong". As you saw in last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 10 (X) that there was a Bae Watch session held where boys were tied to a pole and girls had to rescue them by searching the right key. Girls of the Villa were Divided into two groups and the Group of Ritu, Esha, Stifee won the task and they are going to move forward to perform the next task. These girls get the power to choose the boy they want to perform the task with, Lets see what happens today weather Naina will allow basser to perform with Stifee Or basser will go against her So dont miss to watch today episode Here is Full Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X (10) episode 8 10th September 2017. Download Full Hd Video on Official Voot Website.

There will be amazing twist when stifee will choose Basser for the task. Stifee was the one who was quite angry on Basser but today She will choose her for the task Will Naina Allow her or Not Lets find out today.
As MTV Splitsvilla X is a show of love but this season 10 is season where science have more value Contestants have to play with their brains

Get ready to watch all the drama unfold on VIVO 5s presents #SplitsvillaX, in a whole new avatar, co-presented by DENVER for Men Syska India PC Jeweller Manforce Condoms and Hike. #CatchTheMatch Vivo India. MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Full Episode 8 10th September 2017 only on Voot Official Site.

MTV Splitsvila X (10) Full Episode 8 Written Updates ( 10th September 2017)

In Today Episode you will see another experiment will be performed between the contestants who won the last Bae watch session.
Experiment called "Ring A Ding Dong"
Today Stifee will choose Basser for the task and Ritu Akash And Stefie and Baseer will win the Ring a Ding Dong task.
Basser asks Naina that he has to go in front of Orale but Naina Disagree with him on that note Basser says he doesnt want to win Splitsvilla.
Lets see today Weather Basser or Akash will go in front of oracle and are they the ideal match or no Of MTV Splitsvilla X Episode 8 10th September 2017.
Dont forget to tune in to MTV this Sunday at 7pm

MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 8 10th September 2017 Full HD Full Episode Download Voot

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MTV Splitsvilla X Full Episode 8 Downlaod

Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 8 10th September 2017 Download Tasks Videos

Here is MTV Splitsvilla X(10) Full Episode 8 Video Sneak Peeks of 10th September 2017. Download full Hd Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X on Official Voot website

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