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MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 7 Full Hd Download | 3rd September 2017 |

By Kapil Gidwani

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (X) Full Episode 7 HD Download

Its Time for New Experiment called "Risky Phricky". As you saw in last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 10 (X) that there was a task performed Khufyapa by the contestants where the three girls had to touch one boy each and if the boys guess that whom the girls have touched than the girls will have the chance to choose one guy with whom they will go in dome,and if they fail than the boy will get a chance to choose his girl. But unfortunately boys were not able to convince them and they were been caught. Lets see today weather Priyan Nibe Or Basser and Naina will be the Ideal couple lets find So dont miss to watch today episode Here is Full Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X (10) episode 7 3rd September 2017. Download Full Hd Video on Officioal Vot Website.

Priyank loves Divya but in today Episode he will be going with Nibedita in the dome as Divya allowed him to move with her who will get a chance to stand in front of Oracle Priyank or Basser?lets find out today.
As MTV Splitsvilla X is a show of love but this season 10 is season where science have more value Contestants have to play with their brains.

Get ready to watch all the drama unfold on VIVO 5s presents #SplitsvillaX, in a whole new avatar, co-presented by DENVER for Men Syska India PC Jeweller Manforce Condoms and Hike. #CatchTheMatch Vivo India. MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Full Episode 5 20th August 2017 only on Voot Official Site.

MTV Splitsvila X (10) Full Episode 7 Written Updates ( 3rd September 2017)

In Today Episode 3 couples will be entering the Dome where Things got Really ugly when Naina said she doesnt want to be another Divya when they found that they both Basser and Naina are not the Ideal Couple. Why did she said that? Why does Naina want to Quit the show? Finf out in today Episode.
There will be Another BaeWatch Session Performed called Risky Friscky where one boy hand will be tied up with the rope and two girls have to find out something that boy had kept in his cloths or it will be that girls have to remove the boy clothes.
Basser will get angry on Haneet and say him that dont be double worded and speak the truth out in today Episode Of MTV Splitsvilla X Episode 7 3rd September 2017.
Dont forget to tune in to MTV this Sunday at 7pm.

MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 7 3rd September 2017 Full HD Full Episode Download Voot

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MTV Splitsvilla X Full Episode 7 Downlaod

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Here is MTV Splitsvilla X(10) Full Episode 7 Video Sneak Peeks of 3rd September 2017. Download full Hd Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X on Official Voot website


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