Sunday, 27 August 2017

MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 6 Full Hd Download | 27th August 2017 |

By Kapil Gidwani

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (X) Full Episode 6 HD Download

Its time for the new Experiment called "Lick and Pick". As u saw in last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 10 (X) that two contestants were been voted out they are Khushi and Archit and archit was called as a backstraper and the whole villa stood againt Sid for not calling him with that name. Finally in last Episode we found are First Ideal match which are Sidhart and Akshata. Sid and Akshata were so happy in Last Episode when Oracle Finally said that they are the First Ideal Match on MTV Splitsvilla 10.Today we are going to see Contestants performing task lick and pick where girls are going to lick ingredients from the body of boys as seen in Sneak peek. So dont miss to watch today episode Here is Full Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X (10) episode 6 27th August 2017. Download Full Hd Video on Official Voot Website.

Priyank is connected to divya but in today epsiode you will see Priyank decision to face the Oracle with Nibedita distruot everything between him and his friends.
As MTV Splitsvilla X is a show of love but this season 10 is season where science have more value Contestants have to play with their brains.

Get ready to watch all the drama unfold on VIVO 5s presents #SplitsvillaX, in a whole new avatar, co-presented by DENVER for Men Syska India PC Jeweller Manforce Condoms and Hike. #CatchTheMatch Vivo India. MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Full Episode 6 27th August 2017 only on Voot Official Site.

MTV Splitsvila X (10) Full Episode 6 Written Updates ( 27th August 2017)

In Today Episode you will see another BaeWatch session will be conducted where new Experiment will be Performed named "Lick and Pick".
Where Girls have to lick the Ingredients like Choclate paste,Chilly paste any many other from any part of the body of Boys.
Today Priyank will say that he thinks Nibedita is his Ideal Connection and he is going to stant in front or oracle with her.
Watch Priyank's decision to face the Oracle with Nibedita because of it he Distrupt everythink between him and his friends. Like someone once rightly said,a girl is bound to break your bromance.
There will be many fights between basser naina and priyank because of this decision Of MTV Splitsvilla X Episode 6 27th August 2017.
Dont forget to tune in to MTV this Sunday at 7pm.

MTV Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 6 27th August 2017 Full HD Full Episode Download Voot

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Full Episode 6 27th August 2017 Tonight Full Episode Watch Online Voot

MTV Splitsvilla X Full Episode 6 Downlaod

Splitsvilla X (10) Episode 6 27th August 2017 Download Tasks Videos

Here is MTV Splitsvilla X(10) Full Episode 6 Video Sneak Peeks of 27th August 2017. Download full Hd Episode of MTV Splitsvilla X on Official Voot website


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